Monday, September 13, 2010

More Coastal Treasures

Covering the entire coast of Oregon, and the coast of California down to Eureka, you would think I would have more pictures to show. But a lot of the time it looked like this...

And when it wasn't raining, even when the sun was shining, a lot of the time it looked like this...

I managed to grab a couple drive-by shots of the famous art-deco bridges. This one is at Newport, I think.

And I think this one is at Coos Bay. I enhanced it with Topaz Adjust, but I think I just managed to enhance the raindrops and the spots on the windshield.

But I did manage to see one really neat thing in the fog, near Klamath, CA. This looks like an old farmhouse, right?

But there's something strange about it. Why would a farmhouse be made of cinder blocks?

Actually it was built by the Army during WWII. It housed an early warning radar station, a diesel generator, electronic equipment and two 50-calliber anti-aircraft machine guns.

Now, this is why I end up taking at least 100 pictures at every outing. I get easily distracted! This dandelion seed shows how the fog sticks to everything as tiny drops of water. I read that this is how the redwoods get half the water they need, and I can believe it!


  1. WOW you got an awesome shot of the Building, I love the low angle of the shot with the Queens Annes lace in the foreground!! Excellent work--
    That fog must get depressing tho...I love blue skies!!

  2. yes that is the newport bridge..fantastic job on the pictures!!!

  3. The dandelion photo is just beautiful!

  4. I'm another one who loved the dandelion shot.

  5. Wow the pictures look fantastic to me Diana, you take such great ones and the dandelion picture is just fascinating I really loved the bridges also thanks for sharing!

  6. More fantastic pictures. I really love the one of the "old farmhouse" the shot is amazing, dandelion looks great too!

    Kevin and Ruth

  7. That cinder-block station is crazy! Nice find there.

    I just love the photos in this post. :)

  8. I like the fog and the dandelion! :) You definitely had some keepers there.

  9. That fog fights me all the time we're out there too. When we drove up to Mt. St. Helens, it was all fogged in and we couldn't see much past the visitor center.

    Loved the pic of the dandelion, that's why we want to full time, to be able to take 100 pictures of everything we see and still have time to take another 100. :c)

  10. How DO you find these places? That radar station in disguise is amazing!

  11. Lurker coming out of hiding here. I should start by saying I love your blog! But I wanted to tell you how much I've enjoyed your Oregon pictures. My husband and I did a month-long trip around the US last year (9700 miles in 31 days) and one of my favorites was driving down the coast of OR. Loved the gorgeous views! For me, the fog added something special. Not sure why but I liked how everything looked a bit ghostly. Thanks for the armchair travel adventure!

  12. Love your pictures Diana in this post and the newer post. I don't have topaz filter. Thanks for mentioning it when you came by Levonne's Pretty Pics. Where are you spending your nights when you boondock on your travels? My favorite picture is the one of the farmhouse.


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