Monday, September 27, 2010

The Hot Springs of Bridgeport

Bridgeport, CA has some very nice natural hot springs. I had been to Travertine Hot Springs before, but I wanted to find the others.

Fales Hot Ditch is north of town and right by a busy highway. Fairly difficult to find, it was not very appealing.

Buckeye Hot Springs is a little easier to find. The Upper Pool is fairly close to where you park. Near the foot of a tree, it's a nice temperature, and offers shade most of the day.

To get to the main pools down by the creek, you have to go down a fairly steep slope. Several trails exist, none of them good. Did I mention I am not good on steep slopes?

Down by the creek are several pools, each a different temperature, under a cliff built up by mineral deposits. I washed off the mud and had a nice soak.

But my favorite hot spring of Bridgeport is Travertine Hot Spring. It's also the closest to town.

Hot water runs off a high travertine ridge into four pools, each a different temperature.

The water runs down into each of the pools from a series of grooves dug into the mineral deposit.

It's a great soak, and you get meet some interesting people too.



  1. I love all the pictures especially the last ahhhh one :o) That is so cool about all the springs, I bet they felt really good to just sit and relax in. I hope you didnt hurt yourself on the steep slope. Thanks so much for sharing, have a good day!

  2. Those last pools were so inviting! Wish I was there instead of hanging out at repair shops! :)

  3. We've enjoyed hot springs in the Tetons and back here in the east but these are the most inviting looking I've seen. I think we need to trade sides of the country for a while. What do you think?

  4. What a "cool" place! How do you find these gems?

    Glad your crash-n-burn was only mud. Nice to have a handy bath nearby. ;c)

  5. got it marked on the map as we will be heading up 395 next spring.

  6. We've camped near Bridgeport several different times, and never knew about the hot springs! Looks like we have to go back now (we planned on it anyway).

  7. Hope you didn't hurt yourself too much. Good thing it happened going down instead of going up, this way you could clean up and soak the legs!

    Kevin and Ruth

  8. Im glad you were not seriously injuried!! The soak make it feel better Im sure. We stopped in Brigdeport and had breakfast, later we watched some cowboys move a herd of cattle down the road...that was fun. I had no idea of any hotsprings either-looks like a super spot to seek out!

  9. That last photo looks like a photo contest winner! Glad you didn't break anything on that slope.


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