Saturday, September 11, 2010

The Big Redwoods

Lumber is big industry in Oregon - at one time there were 71 mills operating in the Coos Bay area alone. Oregon is the only state that still asks if you want "paper or plastic."

I thought this picture was fascinating. Taken in 1890 it shows oxen pulling logs over a skid road.

Nowdays, you see lots of huge lumber trucks.

Moving down the coast, we went to see the protected Redwoods in northern California. There is a national park and several state parks. I thought the best trees were in Jedediah Smith State Park. Just past the Elk Valley Casino, where we stayed, is a beautiful narrow winding drive up Howland Hill Rd.

It took us up to Stout Grove, where there's a short walk.

The oldest trees are up to 370 feet high, but even the smaller ones are 300 feet high. It seems they grow up before they grow out.

Of course, some fall down, and looking at their root system is fascinating.

Redwoods create "burls," and if something happens to the top of the tree, the burl sprouts. I thought this one looked like an ugly old woman with large earrings smoking a cigar.


  1. I love your description of that burl. I see it! Thanks for sharing; I love the Redwoods!

  2. That burl looks like my mother-in-law! Oops, I'm in trouble now...

  3. It really makes one feel small when standing amongst those giants! :)

  4. Those are some great pictures of the redwoods! I really like Jedediah Smith SP, too. I even overnighted there. It was a little dark with all the trees.

  5. Now that is an interesting burl lol I can only imagine standing up next to those trees wow that would be awesome, I loved the pictures thanks so much for sharing. A while back we were at a festival and there was a guy there that had a huge huge tree that was turned into a camper it was so neat to see inside, I hope you have a good start to your week!

  6. Ihope this doesnt post twice, had some trouble with the comment box...WOW I love redwoods, had such a great time trying to photograph and film the ones in Sequioa Kings Canyon-- been itching to do the northwestern US and the Redwood Park is on the top of that list--
    I see the witch in the burl, nice to know they can grow from that burl...had no idea!!
    Safe Travels!!


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