Sunday, November 1, 2009

Happy Halloween!

I just couldn't miss Halloween with the grandkids, so I took a side trip to San Diego. Mara had a really loose tooth, and I made her a tooth pillow. I was afraid I wouldn't get there in time, but the tooth has yet to fall out.

She tried hard though!

Doctor Corrie operated on the pumpkins. Remember back in the olden days when all we did was carve two eyes, a nose (maybe) and a mouth?

Mara looked gorgeous in her dragonfly costume.

And hunky Jonathan with all those muscles was Superman.

My Molly even got into the act as Snow White. She was so embarrassed though, she wouldn't look at the camera.

First we went around Corrie's neighborhood. This witch was so scary the kids wouldn't go up for candy.

Molly met up with some equally-embarrassed friends.

We then headed over to Brian's parents' house. They really get into the spirit of things.

With lots of decorations, and even a full-size Halloween tree!

But by far, the biggest hit of the evening was their new Bubble Fogger machine. It spits out bubbles filled with fog. You can see what happens when one breaks near the person's elbow. The neighborhood kids liked it so much, they almost forgot to come to the door for candy.

Later, Jonathan polished off some of his take.


  1. wow I definitely want me one of those bubble fog machines those are cool...your grandkids are adorable and they looked great in those costumes and the pic of your doggy and the other one was just precious..thanks for sharing, I loved it.

  2. I want a bubble fogger! Now, what will I DO with it? Halloween has sure changed since I was a kid!

  3. Thanks for posting the photos of Jonathan and Mara and of course Molly. The kids are beginning to look way too grown up. Molly should be happy - Snow White is a big step up from a pumpkin.

  4. If I had known you were going to embarrass poor Molly, I wouldn't have let you take her!

    The kids are adorable!

  5. Diana,
    Thanks for the great pictures. Corrie has been a little remiss(busy) in sending out any new ones of the kids. Both kids look great.Carol

  6. What a wonderful Halloween you had...we have no kids in our family right now...and I miss that!! A Halloween tree--how cool is that!

  7. Hey Diana,

    Cute kids! Glad you got to enjoy Halloween with them!


  8. Gramaw, what a Great idea (Tooth Pillow). I may do that for Cordelia.



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