Thursday, November 5, 2009

Two Great Hikes

Before I went on my car trip to San Diego, the WINs spent some time at the Katherine Landing campground outside of Bullhead City, AZ. While there we went on the short hike to Grapevine Canyon. It's located off Christmas Tree Pass Road, and contains one of the largest array of petroglyphs I've ever seen. They go on for a hundred yards or so. Some of them look pretty new, but some probably really are 800-1000 years old.

The weather lately has been crazy. As I write this, we're in the middle of a record-breaking heat wave, but then it was just the opposite.

After the hike, we drove up to the top of Christmas Tree Pass to see the unusual rock formations.

We're now at Lake Havasu City and went on a terrific hike yesterday down through Sara's Crack. It's a long slot canyon with some pretty scary descents.

This was the biggest drop. I went first so no one could take an embarrassing picture of me and put it on their blog. My sister Barbara decided to slide down. (Her blog is here.)

After going through the slot, you have to get back to the trailhead. Our half of the group decided to go over the mountain, but the other half decided to go around. Here's Barbara trying to persuade them to do it our way. We were right - they got back two hours after us!

Time for a "sister shot" for our father.


  1. It looks as if you are all enjoying the nice weather. I don't blame Barbara for sliding down that rock formation. I would have done the same. Better safe to hike another day! Thanks for the posts; we enjoy them.

    Love 'ya both

  2. Wonderful pics, I would love to hike through Saras crack.

  3. Yep, I wore my oldest shorts for that slide. No use wearing out good hiking pants.

  4. Fantastic looking hike! Great sister shot too...I have 2 sisters and they are my favorite people to share an adventure with!

  5. Great sister shot, but next time, take off the hats!! ;)

  6. Hey DIana... Don't know how I missed your post lately... This was a great one and love the hike... What fun it looked like you all had. As for the Sister shot it was fantastic and I am sure your dad will be so happy with it. Have a great time & Travel Safely... Donna


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