Thursday, November 19, 2009

This and That

I've been with the WINs a lot lately, and they like to do a lot of kayaking. Since I don't kayak, I've had a lot of time to rest and relax. Feels good, but not much good for blogging. So I thought I'd go back and post some stuff I didn't get in when I was busier.

Back when I was in Boulder Beach, NV, I took a little trip into Las Vegas. What amazes me there is that all the casinos look like they are anywhere but in the middle of the Western desert. Like New York City....




Or even on a Pirate Ship....

There are some new casinos on the Strip since I've last been there. One I really liked had a parking garage that told you how many spots were available on each level. What a great idea! (For all I know, lots of parking garages have this now, but it's been years since I've been in one.)

Also in Boulder Beach we were still shopping for Halloween. I just loved this clerk's Bolt-in-the-head. I asked to take his picture and he reluctantly agreed. I don't know why he was so hesitant. What did he think I was going to do? Put it on the Internet???

I've also been playing with my new camera. This was taken at our stop at Parker, AZ, from inside the rig with my 20X optical zoom. I thought I would need a tripod to use the 20X zoom, but it comes out amazingly sharp.

Parker always seems to have the most incredible sunsets.

Our group parked lined up right along the Colorado River, and enjoyed them every night.


  1. AZ has the most beautiful sunsets I've ever seen. Something about the wide open skies and evening clouds. Awesome!

  2. WOW those are some amazing sunset shots!! And you are right that 20x is sharp as a tack! Im sort of wanting the equivalent in the Kodak..the new z980 is about the same specs as your new has 12 mpx 24x zoom, a wide angle lense, 26-644mm focal length and HD movies, its about a $400 camera. I enjoy the point n shoot you dont have to worry about changing and buying tons of lense and they make great photos by the looks of yours here!! Maybe a Christmas Prezzie
    to myself is in order...Ive been using the Kodak Z712 for over a yr now and I use it every single day!! Its a work
    Vegas looks thrilling--Ive never stopped there!!

  3. Definitely beautiful sunsets. I think I would be afraid to kayak just because it might flip over lol. I loved the pics of las vegas thanks for showing those!!

  4. Your camera is well worth the investment. Great photos here and there. Vegas shots aren't that easy IMHO and are great!

  5. Those sets really are fabulous, a great shot.

  6. Great camera, and you actually know how to use it!! You're amazing!! I'm in awe!!


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