Friday, May 29, 2009

I'm a Star!

The entertainment for the second night at the Escapade was the Brett Family, who usually perform in Branson. What a terrific show! I highly recommend it.

What made it so special for me was that 24-year-old Brydon fell off the stage right at my feet. He then made a joke about falling for me, and paid a lot of attention to me for the rest of the show. He came down off the stage to sing to me --

Got me to get up and sing with him--

And danced with me. One time he and his brother were even fighting over me.

Wow! Was I loving it!

They even inserted my name in some of their songs!

Everywhere I went for the rest of the week, people would recognize me and say "Wow, there's the famous Diana!" It was just wonderful.


  1. That is just TOO COOL! What did you sing? Wow! My sister is famous!

  2. Was that your 15 mins of fame or is there more? it looks like good fun.

  3. Don't forget your old friends. We'll miss you.

  4. Did you get him to travel with you too?

  5. Barbara -- I don't remember what I sang, and everyone said they couldn't hear anything, so I suspect he was smart and turned off the mike.
    Dave -- I think this is it...
    Sally -- Who are you again?
    Donna -- He did ask me if there was room for him, and I said "Sure!"

  6. I'm Sally, your friend of 11 or 12 years!


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