Tuesday, May 19, 2009


Eureka Springs, Arkansas began in the 1800s as a health spa. People flocked here for the supposed healing powers of the water.

Springs are located all over this VERY hilly town.

The Crescent Hotel and Spa was originally built in 1886, and was then America's newest and most luxurious hotel. Sick people came here from all over to be cured. It was completely restored about 10 years ago.

Across from the hotel is a church that is in Ripley's Believe It or Not. Why? The town is on such a hill that the entrance is through the bell tower!

Several almost-falling-down buildings are left in the area.

Outside of town is a chapel that is almost exactly like the one I visited in Hot Springs last year.

The builder of this one had a difficult time raising money, but now it is a popular spot for weddings. In fact, the whole town is geared towards the wedding business. It was scary!

In addition to the wedding business, the town seems to be a wanna-be Branson. There were only a few shows in town, but this one was the most recommended.

In addition to some country music, and the required gospel music, they had a great segment celebrating "Hee Haw," the long-running TV show (1969-1992). Here's cast member Minnie Pearl...

And musical guests, Little Jimmy Dickens,

and Dolly Parton.

Two of the performers did a great rendition of "Dueling Banjos," with a guitar and a banjo. At first they tried to outdo each other, but then really got into it.


  1. Thanks for another great tour a place I haven't been yet and now don't have see. "-)

  2. PS

    I never tire of Dueling Banjos!!

  3. Hey! We missed that last year! Looks like a cute place.

  4. Beautiful old buildings, they really liked their spa towns in the late 1800's didn't they. Dolly P is looking good!!!!!!!!


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