Wednesday, July 7, 2021

Day 4 on the Galapagos

Overnight, our ship went back to Isabela Island, the largest island in the Galapagos. We'll spend most of the rest of our cruise at various spots on this island. Early in the morning, we had a wet landing at Urbina Bay. Jonathan found a skull to examine.
I got a good shot of a Warbler Finch, one of the many Finches on the Galapagos.
We saw some more Land Iguanas. Just look at those paws!
You are supposed to stay 6-feet from the animals here, but sometimes that is difficult. We really lucked out here, finding a couple of Giant Tortoises right on the trail.
Mara and the Tortoise.
Smile! A short video of how slow they move.
Over lunch, our ship moved a couple hours over to Tagus Cove, also on Isabela Island. After lunch, Corrie and I went kayaking in the Cove.
Brian, Mara and Jonathan went paddleboarding.
There is some very old graffiti on the rocks, some from pirates and whalers in years past.
Later in the afternoon, we did a little hike at the Cove. Wait! What is that on the steps?
It's a Sea Lion, which required some off-trail maneuvering to get around him.
We got a good view of our ship in the Cove that we kayaked around earlier.
The end of another perfect day!


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