Thursday, March 26, 2020

Snorkeling on the Big Island

We wanted to do some snorkeling in Hawaii, and this beach looked easy to get in and out of.

No big waves crashing on the shore!

There I go!

I saw quite a variety of fish. Here an Orangespine Unicornfish and a Yellow Tang.

An Orangeband Surgeonfish -

And a couple Black Triggerfish and 4 Convict Tangs. (hence the stripes...)

And 2 very nice Threadfin Butterflyfish.

We also walked around downtown Kona, where we saw historic Hulihe'e Palace, the summer vacation home of ancient Hawaii royal families.

We also visited several ukulele stores.

I'm always looking for a new ukulele, but Rosemary went crazy and bought 3 for her grandchildren!

Fortunately, I've been back on the mainland for 2 weeks now, but I still miss the beauty of Hawaii!

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  1. Thank you! I lived in Kona for 6 years (1990- 1996). I was working building Mansions 30 miles north. Back then there was only one grocery store. Costco was the first "big-box" to open, around 94 or '95.

    I hope to go back one day, (not to live) TOOOO EXPENSIVE!!! And if you have anything left, they will tax you into living in a tent on the rocky beach.


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