Tuesday, March 24, 2020

More Fun on the Big Island

When we were on the Big Island, we stayed at a friend's time share condo. This is the view we had from our balcony.

We did some more exploring south of Kona. We stopped at the Painted Church, which was closed when we went by the day before.

It's just beautiful inside.

All the paintings on the walls were in good shape -

Except for the "Hell" painting, which suffered from heat damage. I wonder why?

There was an interesting cemetery next to the church.

One the way home, we stopped at a coffee plantation, where we got a very nice tour.

They have some interesting coffee here in Kona!

We also stopped at a botanical garden, but didn't go on the tour. We saw plenty in the free area.

And then we stopped at Walmart to do some souvenir shopping. Wow! That's a lot of Hawaiian shirts!

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