Wednesday, February 27, 2019

Goodbye to San Miguel

We did a couple more things before it was time to leave San Miguel. One day we went on a tour of some of the many murals in town. The tour was led by Colleen, who was at least partly responsible for the murals we saw.

Before 2013, murals were not allowed, but these are not graffiti, but real works of art.

So Colleen and some others petitioned for the law change, and are in charge of pairing the artist with the homeowner.

Some are very detailed -

And some take advantage of what is already there...

This whole street is covered with murals.

I think this was my very favorite. Just beautiful!

On my departure day, Rosemary drove me to the airport, and we took a little detour to Guanajuato. From there we took a bus on a very long windy road up to the Christ the King statue.

We're headed up to the top of that hill.

Beautiful scenery along the way!

We made it!

Great views in all directions.

There was a church inside the statue.

This statue, built in 1944, is one of the most historical important religious shrines in Mexico and marks the country's geographical center.

It is 75 ft high, on top of a 8900' mountain. After spending a little time here, we went back down the mountain and to the airport.

So goodbye, San Miguel! I will definitely miss your beauty -

Your food -

And most of all, my new boyfriend!


  1. Wow! Those murals show some amazing talent! Thanks for sharing the amazing pictures. Your new boyfriend looks like he could have been stuffed in your baggage. He’s on the slim side. 😂

  2. Amazing Murals. More and more communities are realizing that where there are Murals there is less Graffiti.
    Your Boyfriend looks like he spent more time at the Gym then eating.
    This trip may sadly be over but you can always go back.
    Be Safe and Enjoy what life has to offer.

    It's about time.


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