Wednesday, February 20, 2019

Birds and Hot Springs

Just on the outskirts of San Miguel is the Botanical Garden.

Nice trails throughout the park.

We went on the day that they had a Bird Walk. First up, a Vermilion Flycatcher.

They said this was a juvenile Vermilion Flycatcher.

I think this was some kind of Oriole.

Black-necked Stilts.

No idea...

After awhile, we stopped seeing birds, so we took off on our own to finish the hike. It's a gorgeous area!

The next day, we took a cab north to Escondido Place, a natural hot springs area. We were greeted by this guy.

Nice pool, but it was not warm enough for us.

But we got in for awhile anyway. Janet was down to one arm, since she had broken the other one hiking a few days ago, but it didn't slow her down a bit...

One pond was filled with lily pads, and a few turtles.

We finally found the hot springs, inside a little tunnel.

These were just perfect!

After we were soaked, we went to the nearby town of Atontonilco, to see the beautiful Santuario de Jesus Nazareno church.

The inside was the best of any of the churches I have seen so far.

And the ceiling was just amazing!

We also went shopping several times at the Artisan Market in San Miguel. Lots of inexpensive pure silver jewelry!

And hats are also very popular here!

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