Monday, September 4, 2017

The Most Beautiful Roadway in America

Cody, WY is a great little town, and we did lots of stuff other than going to see the eclipse. The downtown area has quite a few of these Buffalo statues.

On our first evening there, we went to see a gunfight downtown. We were greeted by Buffalo Bill -

But soon there were lots of bodies lying all over the place. Fortunately, they all made a miraculous recovery...

There was also some unique rusty stuff in town! I'm a very happy girl!

The next day, we did a drive on the Beartooth Scenic Byway, rated as the most beautiful roadway in America by Charles Kuralt.

The ground squirrels were enjoying the scenery too.

And down in the valley, I spotted this cute little stick figure.

As we got higher, we saw quite a few lakes.

Just beautiful! I think I agree with Mr. Kuralt.

We got a great view of Pilot and Index Peaks.

We stopped to see Lake Creek Falls -

And Beartooth Falls.

We were parked on private property in Cody. Deer are plentiful in town - they just love the green grass! And they don't seem to be too afraid of people! I made several new friends...


  1. I also agree with Charles Kuralt. I was first over it in 1959 with my parents when the road was all gravel. Since then I have been over it at least 10 or more times. When in Montana or Wyoming it is a must do!

  2. We visited Cody in 08 but didn't get much time in for exploring. We'll have to head back that way.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

  3. Would love to drive this roadway if I can ever get back west again though I'm glad I didn't come this year with all the fires. Love the decorated buffalo. We saw them in Custer as well.

  4. That is an incredible drive. Been over it many times. Happy to hear everybody recovered from their gunshots.

  5. It has been seven years since we were there, time to go back:)


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