Tuesday, September 19, 2017

More of Yellowstone, Plus a Brand New Trail!

We spent one more great day inside Yellowstone National Park. We started out driving through Firehole Canyon to see the waterfall.

Then we hiked around Biscuit Basin.

The star of the show here is Sapphire Pool.

At the far end of the Biscuit Basin boardwalk is a side trail to Mystic Falls.

We then did the Black Sand Basin boardwalk. Ever wonder what makes a geyser geyse?

Well, this explains it...

The bison seem to like this place a lot!

The colors are just gorgeous!

This is Emerald Pool.

And yet another distraction... Don't have a clue what this is.

But the thing I was most excited to see was the brand new trail to an overlook of Grand Prismatic Spring. Definitely the best way to see it! I had climbed up here 4 years ago on an unofficial trail, but now there is a very nice official trail! I'll bet this is the first new trail the National Park Service has built since the 1930s, and it's very much appreciated.


  1. The 'unofficial' trail to the overlook had to be the worst kept secret in the park! Glad to hear that an 'official' trail and hopefully overlook has been opened.

  2. Gorgeous! Finally, after all these years someone tells the truth about the magic behind a spouting geyser 😜🤣

  3. A very nice series of pictures Diana. I love your work!!

    Greetings from the Netherlands!
    Gert Jan


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