Saturday, April 2, 2016

The Big Easy

We only had one full day in New Orleans, so we hurried down to the French Quarter and Jackson Square.

And of course, Bourbon Street!

There were some cute little mules pulling carriages and giving tours, but we passed.

Mardi Gras was a month before we were there, but there were still beads hanging everywhere - in the trees, on balconies -

And even on the overhead wires.

This guy was trying to collect some.

And of course there were lots of great t-shirts.

We went to the French Market, to Cafe du Monde, where we had some wonderful beignets. How much powdered sugar do they go through?

We happened to be there when they got one of their twice-weekly deliveries!

We went back to Jackson Square to see St. Louis Cathedral.

Even the ceiling was beautiful.

And there were plenty of street performers - some in the middle of the street!

This guy was playing a really unique instrument, which I forget the name of.


  1. That instrument looks like it could also be a scientific device of some kind. ...or perhaps a special Dr. Who kinda weapon.

  2. I was dreaming about returning to New Orleans to see if the French Quarter was the same as I remembered it from the 80's. Your post confirmed that YES it's very much the same. Maybe my little old wheel estate will wander there one day.

  3. Been to N'Awlins many times. The Quarter has some unique architecture from the Spanish era that we love to view and the St. Charles streetcar is a must. Thanks for sharing.

  4. When I'm in NO, I have a hard time getting past Cafe du Monde. It's the powdered sugar's fault, it kind of makes me stick there! :c)


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