Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Easter with the Grandkids

After driving quickly from Texas to Arizona, my driving was not done. I drove the truck over to see my West Coast grandkids. And I have a new Granddog - Fifi, rescued less than a month ago from a puppy mill. Fifi is adorable, and just wants to be hugged and give kisses. (I really need to learn how to take better selfies...)

I got to take Jonathan to the neighborhood Easter party, when Mom and Mara were doing something else. He's ready to get some of the hundreds of eggs laid out all over the square.

They also had a blow-up slide and a jumpy thingy.

Finally, Easter morning arrives!

There was an egg hunt in the back yard.

And then we went over to the other grandparent's, Ken and Lora's, house, where Mara and Jonathan had another egg hunt with their cousins.

I loved these Goldfinch feeders - they had 4 of them!

And a great bubble machine - WOW!

The kids told me they wanted to learn to crochet, because they had a kit to make Star Wars characters. We didn't get that far but they did learn the basics.

Jonathan made Fifi a scarf. She was so dirty when she was rescued that they had to shave off all her hair, and she gets cold.

Having grandkids on opposite sides of the US is hard on holidays. But my son sent me a picture of my East Coast granddaughter. How cute is she!


  1. Fun! I hope the kids will continue to crochet a wonderful hobby wish I had kept it up...so glad they rescued FiFi!

  2. Our grand-kids are north and south a bit closer for us, and worth the trip! I often tell my daughter if I knew the grand-girls would be so much fun I'd had them first! Enjoy the kids ... and their kids.

  3. What an appropriate name for that dog. Sure looks like Fifi. And to explain: "Fifi" is what a German would call any small dog he doesn't know the real name of. "Fifi" is universal.

  4. Really cute grandkids - and grand-dog. Easter is always a fun holiday to spend with the kids. :)


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