Thursday, March 31, 2016

Biloxi, MS

From Mobile, we moved west to Biloxi, MS, for a short stop in the IP Casino parking lot. It's a huge parking lot, so why did this other guy pull in 3 feet from Phil's rig??? Just weird...

Of course I had to visit the Biloxi Lighthouse. It's only open from 9:00 to 9:45 AM, but I was there waiting for the first tour.

Climbing up the stairs, there are markers showing how high the storm surge was on each hurricane. Of course, Hurricane Katrina was the highest, requiring a huge restoration.

The tour guide at the top (not in the photo) was entertaining. The lighthouse has a rather small 6th order Fresnel lens.

We got a good view of the sandy beach, added here in the 1950s.

And WAAAAY out in the distance over the water is Fort Massachusetts. I would have loved to visit it.

We also visited Beauvoir, home of Jefferson Davis, the only President of the Confederate States.

We had a very good tour.

Unfortunately, Beauvoir was very damaged by Hurricane Katrina. It has since been restored.

But a lot of the contents were damaged and are beyond repair.

There was another cute lighthouse down the way, but it wasn't open for climbing.


  1. Thanks for the revisit to Beauvoir! It thought is was a beautiful home and interesting part of our history.

  2. So glad they restored Beauvior, I hear talk of removing Jeff Davis's Statues from public places. Love the lighthouses, I don't normally walk up them but you're making me want to!:0)

  3. Figures Massachusetts would misplace their fort in Mississippi! :cD

  4. Beautiful photos. Thank you so much for sharing. :)


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