Sunday, April 10, 2016

Hurray! I'm Back in Arizona!

Well, that was quick! I basically drove non-stop for 3 days, but I'm happy to be back. And to welcome me back, the saguaros are even starting to bloom!

And the Palo Verde trees are blooming a bright yellow all over town, along with the red Ocotillo.

One day, I went on a short hike by the Superstition Mountains, but not much was blooming.

Then, a few days later, I hiked the Hieroglyphics Trail with my sister, Barbara, "brother-in-law" Ron, and John and Carol of 5th-Wheel Wanderings.

The Cholla were blooming -

And the Prickly Pear.

I found a little spider friend in this bloom.

At the end of the trail, there are a lot of petroglyphs, and some pools.

I think the ancient mothers told their kids to make pictures on the rock to get them out of their hair so they could do the wash in the pools...

Ron, Carol, John and Barbara at the end of the trail.

While Abe Lincoln kept an eye on them.

I saw a bird that I couldn't identify from my bird books. Anyone know what it is?

Back home there was some lovey-dovey stuff going on behind my trailer.

It's so nice to be back in the desert!


  1. Wonderful photos. The bird looks like a white-crowned sparrow.

  2. I think that bird is a camp robber.

  3. Is it a chipping sparrow? Although the black on your bird's head is darker than the image I found.

  4. I love the blooms of the desert. We have always gone back north too early to see the saguaros in bloom.

  5. I take it you prefer the desert to the East. LOL! Love the blooms and birds and the petroglyphs.

  6. Awesome blooms---I love the desert I see why you call it home! I also think White-crowned sparrow his feathers are up a little on the head he seems to be trying to "scare" you away...Great photo!!

  7. The photo of the spider on the flower is really good!

  8. We enjoy that trail. Watch out for those snakes. Nice pictures of the blooms


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