Thursday, April 21, 2016

More of Lovely Sedona

I went on many more hikes while in Sedona.

Marg's Draw was an easy "Go until you're half way and then turn around" hike.

I saw a lot of this plant. Does anyone know what it is?

I also did a hike around Chimney Rock, starting out with a little side trip to visit Buddha.

There is a large Stupa there. The Stupa is considered to be the body of Buddha. You are supposed to walk clockwise around the Stupa at least 3 times while meditating. I must admit that I did it, and actually felt better about my dead truck battery. I always get upset when something doesn't work.

There was a little hanky-panky going on nearby.

Back on the Chimney Rock trail, I got a good view of the Lizard Head, giving me the evil eye.

A group of us walked down to Oak Creek. There are usually lots of stacks of rocks here, but they must have had strong winds recently.

This guy was trying to break the record.

Whoops, distracted again...

Jo and I went for a walk on the Templeton trail, which also gives a great view of Cathedral Rock. While we were walking, we discovered that we grew up in the same town! We were so distracted that we got off the trail, but fortunately I was tracking our walk on my phone, so it all ended well. That is the first time in 17 years that I have run into anyone from my hometown!

Back home at camp, we were entertained by the Arizona State Air Rescue helicopter. He was just practicing - no real emergency.

Our usual neighbors came to visit -

And the next morning, not one, but SEVEN balloons landed right by us!

Ever wonder how they get the balloons to tip over instead of coming straight down on the basket?

It's all thanks to this guy!

We all got together each evening to watch the sunset.

And we had a lot of nice ones!


  1. Great spot to explore...I think that plant may be some variety of milkweed.

  2. Sorry to hear about your deceased truck battery. I guess all that walking around didn't bring it back to life? ;c)

  3. We are going to have to find a boondocking place near Sedona. Great story

  4. Yup, Sedona is so beautiful. Actually, we have a Sedona Painter, by the name of Michael Chesley Johnson here on Campobello. Lives in AZ in the winter, then comes back up north every year. And he is a neighbour.

  5. never saw the Stupa before. Something new always with you. thanks


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