Sunday, October 11, 2015

Martha's Vineyard, Plymouth, and a Sandwich in Sandwich

After the group moved on to East Wareham, we went to Plymouth to see the famous Rock. It's down there under all the pillars.

Unfortunately, the pillars make it hard to get a photo because of the shadows. Plymouth Rock may or may not be where the Pilgrims landed in 1620, but it was somewhere near here.

You can go for a ride on the Mayflower II if you want.

I hope there's no hurricane, or you could end up like this guy.

We also went to see the Cape Cod Canal. Built a hundred years ago, it saves 65-166 miles of travel around the tip of Cape Cod. There are several unique bridges over the canal, but the best one is this railroad bridge.

Our big excursion from this stop was our trip out to Martha's Vineyard.

Approaching the harbor we got a view of a couple of lighthouses. I think this is West Chop Lighthouse -

And this is probably East Chop Lighthouse.

Wow, those are some nice summer homes!

We got a better look at them on our walk around town.

But of course, I liked the rusty stuff the best.

The had some cute weathervanes.

We took a van tour around the island, where we stopped at the fishing village of Menemsha..

And we saw another lighthouse - Edgartown LH, I think.

And some really BIG lobsters!

We drove by The Field Gallery of West Tisbury.

And over the "Jaws Bridge," where scenes from the movie "Jaws" was filmed. You can get a t-shirt to show how daring you are.

This guy was going for it when we went by.

The next day we went to Sandwich, so we could say we had a sandwich in Sandwich. We also went to the Sandwich Glass Museum when we were there.

And saw a real live glassblower at work, in addition to hundreds of glass works of art.

And you better not leave them with a duck or a goose!

Huh? I just don't get some of their signs!


  1. :-D
    "Thickly settled"
    Love that sign, every town should have one! :)

  2. my ancestors settled in Plymouth back in the 1624'ish time...Its beautiful there!! Who would leave a duck or goose...thats mean!


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