Saturday, October 17, 2015

Fall River and New Bedford

Our next stop was Fall River, MA, whose most famous citizen was none other that Lizzie Borden.

We went to Battleship Cove, where we saw several ships, including the USS Massachusetts, enshrined here in 1965 as Massachusett's official World War II memorial. It was built in 1942.

I was more interested in the swans and their family, the ugly ducklings.

We also went to Newport, RI, and walked a bit of the Cliff Walk.

Some cormorants waved to us!

We saw many huge mansions, including The Breakers, which we toured later.

The walk got a little harder, but still doable.

More mansions...

We then went on the tour of The Breakers. No photos were allowed, but are readily available on the internet. This is the dining room, which I thought was the prettiest. Built in 1895, The Breakers was the summer home of Cornelius Vanderbilt II.

We also spent a day in New Bedford, the whaling capital of the world, and home of the New Bedford Whaling Museum. Three huge whale skeletons hang from the ceiling - a Right Whale, a Blue Whale, and a Humpback Whale.

There's also a large scrimshaw collection, mostly done on Sperm Whale teeth.

The Lagoda is a 1/2 size model of the original whaleship. It's the world's largest shop model. The original was built in 1826 and the model 100 years ago.

There's also a Sperm Whale skeleton -

With a helpful human skeleton standing by to show the correct scale.

Close by was the Seamen's Bethel, a non-denominational church built in 1832. The Pulpit looks like a ship's bow.

We then walked along the waterfront, where I found some great rusty stuff.

Wow - I love it!

But how can they afford these docking fees?


  1. In my Coast Guard days, I boarded many of those New Bedford rusty fishing boats way out at sea. Talk about brave sailors! I'd be afraid to sail those boats on a mud puddle.

    Love Battleship Cove, have visited there many times, nice to see history so well preserved. :c)

  2. I hope that you and Phil are heading south. It is getting cold. We had snow in Hancock, NH today

  3. And she gave them 40 whacks..Or not...
    Man those Vanderbuilt's were like royalty...probably still are.

  4. Amazing and beautiful series of photos! Thank you so much for sharing, and warm greetings from Montreal, Canada. :)


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