Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Hanging out on Lake Michigan

Moving East, our next stop was Michigan City, IN, which is right on Lake Michigan. The first thing we did was go for a walk along the lake, where Phil found lots of skipping rocks.

The group went to Indiana Dunes State Park, and we took a walk along the water there too.

The state is renovating this old building. Should be really interesting when it is done.

We also visited the federal park, Indiana Dunes National Lakeshore. We took a short hike to Pinhook Bog. It was just fascinating, and fun to bounce up and down on the boardwalk. Everything rests on sphagnum moss.

We walked out to the lighthouse in Michigan City.

The lighthouse was built in 1858, and replaced the one built in 1837. It operated until 1940.

They must have some wicked sandstorms here - took the paint right off the lamp post.

We also went to the La Porte County Museum, where they have lots of interesting cars, along with other stuff.

Glad I wasn't around in those days...

And Phil and I went to the Steam Museum.

Now for the bad news. On the way here, I had yet another flat on the trailer. This is my 4th or 5th one with the TireTraker tire pressure monitor system that I got in Quartzsite 2 1/2 years ago. None of these flats registered on the monitor.

This year in Quartzsite, I complained to the sellers, and they took it back, tested it, and said it worked perfectly. But does that look like 64.4 psi to you? I have given up and bought a new system, EezTire, and it seems to work great. Haven't had a flat yet, but the numbers change a little as you drive, so I can tell it's receiving a signal.

I'd be interested in hearing what system others have, and whether they like it or not.


  1. Nice blog on Lake Michigan. We love the Great Lakes, especially in the UP. Sorry for the blowout using the TPMS. We've used Pressure Pro for several years, but it has false alarms and doesn't give temp as well as pressure. Bought TireTraker at Escapade in March but haven't installed it yet. Maybe we shouldn't....??

  2. That certainly does not look like a tire with any pressure let alone 64.4 psi. We use the TireTraker and so far, it seems to be monitoring OK. But it sure makes me wonder.

  3. Good tour of the area. But why are you having so many flats? Could it be the kind of tires you're buying? Probably because you take your poor rig over such lovely roads. I can't remember what our TPMS is and they don't make them anymore but ours has been really good to us. Nothing can tell us if there's a blowout but it's let us know when they are getting low or high.

  4. I've wondered if there is real value with tire pressure monitors. I've read of many people having problems with them, including some who've had flats caused by the sensors themselves. You certainly have a legitimate complaint about your system. Hope your new one works much better.

  5. Dang that tire is a mess!
    I have that Indiana Dunes National Lakeshore on my list its on the way to my Uncles home in hope to get there next time we go see him, looks like there is plenty to see there!

  6. We’ve been using a Pressure Pro TPMS system for the last 7 years on our Avalanche and 23’ TT. It’s worked flawlessly and has alerted us to a tire problem on at least 4 occasions. Each time it allowed us to get off the road and get the tire fixed before it was damaged. I’d say it has earned its keep.

  7. Looks like Pressure Pro is the winner here!

  8. In the photo of your destroyed tire it appears like you’re using rubber valve stems. This didn’t work for me. The weight of the sensor on the end of the valve stem would eventually cause an air leak right at the valve stem itself. I replaced all valve stems with metal stems (the kind that have a rubber seal inside the wheel and a nut showing on the outside to hold it in place. Get the shortest metal valve stems you can find. They look like this:


  9. We bought the EezTire in Quartzsite in January 2014. We love it, but have only had one low tire (due to a nail) since we got it and it registered correctly. We previously had a Doran and had a lot of problems with it. I think you'll be happy with the Eez.


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