Saturday, July 25, 2015

My Granddaughter's Second Post

Hi! Remember me? A little over a year ago I became the world's youngest blogger, just a few minutes old.

My Grandma Diana finally came to visit when I was a few months old, along with my Great-Grandpa, my Aunt Corrie, and cousins Mara and Jonathan.

I'm a lot bigger now! I still adore my Daddy.

He's even a good cook. Check out this sausage inside a pork roast. Can't wait until I'm big enough to eat this.

I love to do Facetime. I think Grandma should get an iPhone, instead of that Android she has, so we can Facetime.

I'm old enough now that I can even get into some mischief.

I can almost push the toy chest enough to get out of my assigned space. (Notice I'm wearing my Fourth of July outfit - you can tell how far behind Grandma is on her blog...)

What do you mean I can't wash my books in the dishwasher? Why not?

We went out for breakfast one morning. I'm getting pretty good with my spork.

I also am trying to talk. This is my version of "All Done."


  1. My but Asha is getting to be a big girl. You may have to spend more time in the East.

  2. You, young lady, are a doll. We're now going to expect a blog from you every year.

  3. Great post. She has such an expressive face. Can't you use Skype? I think that works on both apple and android.

  4. Your Granddaughter is just darling! I agree - a LEAST an annual post from her. :)

  5. CUTE as can be! Boy they grow so fast!

  6. What an adorable little doll! And literate, too!!! :cD

  7. Diana, she is so precious! Know it has been wonderful to watch her grow. Wish I had one!


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