Saturday, June 27, 2015

Starved Rock and the Rest of Ottawa

Washington Square in Ottawa, IL was the site of the first Lincoln-Douglas debate in 1858.

There are lots of murals in the downtown area, including this one showing the debate.

While we were out touring the Illinois and Michigan Canal, we stopped at Buffalo Rock SP to check out the view of the Illinois River.

They had an interesting sign on their restrooms. Just made me want to go get a water balloon...

We also stopped off to see the Art in the Park at the Starved Rock Lodge. Forty pieces of Chain Saw Art are here.

Wow, those bears must be really strong!

But, by far, the best thing in the area was Starved Rock State Park. There are 18 canyons here formed by glacial meltwater and stream erosion in the 4-mile long sandstone bluffs. On one day we all went on a hike that included Wildcat Canyon.

Phil and I went back another day and hiked to St. Louis Canyon.

Did I mention I am easily distracted?

We also walked past Council Overhang -

To Ottawa Canyon -

And Kaskaskin Canyon. Wow! Don't miss this park if you are in the area.


  1. Loved the pics of the canyon hikes. We were only there on a day trip from Kankakee State Park where we were staying. Only got to hike to the top of the overlook. Will definitely have to check out those canyons next time.

  2. You would want a water balloon, that inner child of yours just wants to misbehave... ;c)

  3. I'd go for the water GUN! Love the falls very cool!!


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