Saturday, July 12, 2014

So Much to Do, So Little Time...

While in Boring, OR, we stayed on the property of fellow WIN, Phil. (The other Phil...) His property is one of the many, many nurseries in the area. We got to park among the blueberry bushes. They weren't very ripe when we first got there -

But after a few days of hot weather, we could pick to our heart's content.

We also had a nice view of Mount Hood.

And saw lots of different fireworks shows in all directions on the Fourth of July.

Last Saturday we went into downtown Portland to go to the Saturday Market. It's gotten a lot bigger since the last time I was there. We rode the light rail instead of driving. Seniors (moi) can ride all day for just $2!

A view of the Portland skyline from the market. The sternwheeler is actually the Oregon Maritime Museum. Portland has a lot of fascinating bridges crossing the Willamette River.

On another day we went to see the International Rose Test Garden. Just amazing!

I think this was my favorite, but I didn't get the name.

Oh wait - there's a bee on a dandelion! ADHD?

And then on another day we went on a tour of Guide Dogs for the Blind. It's a huge facility, where they provide and train dogs for the visually impaired. They also train the owners, and all this is provided free of charge.

The strange thing was that we neither saw nor heard any dogs, except for this one graduate who was on our tour with his family. We were so thankful for that - it really added a lot to our experience.

This is the resident cat, who we did meet. It is the cat's job to provide a distraction for the dogs, so that they learn to ignore her.

Oh, wait - we did see one dog in surgery. All the dogs are spayed and neutered, so I hope that's all this was.

And we did get to see the kitchen. Sure glad I don't have to do the dishes...


  1. Now I want to go to Portland again. That rose looks like someone dropped paint on it.

  2. If I had to live in a metro area, Portland would be the place for me. I so enjoyed the part on the Guidedog for the Blind tour.

  3. beautiful Portland coverage...I;m really loving the Mt Hood shot and the Bee on the flower awesome macro Diana!

  4. Just amazing those guide dogs. Very interesting to see the school where they are trained. What a blessing for the sight impaired, the dogs must give them all kinds of freedom. :c)

  5. Nice. And here I thought that Portland was just a gritty port city with a bad hippie infestation. Cool dog school pics.

  6. Portland's one of my very favorite places. Love the flowers, bridges, bookstores, rivers, etc. Next time we'll have to visit the dog training facility.


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