Tuesday, July 8, 2014

More Boring Stuff

Will the jokes about the name of this town (Boring, OR) ever stop? I doubt it...

East of our location, on the Columbia River, are lots of good stuff to see. Hood River is a popular kiteboarding spot, but the weather wasn't great when we were there, so there were just a few out there to see.

I thought this was cool - they had free life jackets to borrow for kids.

We saw our good friend Sacajawea from the Lewis and Clark expedition, along with their dog, Seaman. We did the Lewis and Clark trail in 2010, and it was one of the best summers ever.

They have a couple of sternwheelers here - one you can take a tour on -

And one, The Henderson, that is gone but not forgotten.

We also went to Hood River, where they were having Sternwheeler Days. A big part of that was the Mountain Men Encampment.

I hope they invite us to lunch!

There were some unusual quivers to hold bows for the archers.

There are several places in this area, and this is one, where only Native Americans can fish. And they are allowed to use huge nets, much easier than rods. No one out today though...

Down the road a little is Beacon Rock, named by Lewis and Clark.

There is a trail to the top, built by an individual almost 100 years ago. Of course, now they have guard rails.

It's only a mile to the top, but there are 52 switchbacks along the way.

Back and forth, back and forth...

Finally, the view from the top, looking towards the east.

In the distance, you can see Bonneville dam, where we went on a tour the other day.


  1. Well, even your posts are Boring now. Not really.

  2. I'm still not bored of your photos of Boring! *w* fun stuff.

  3. Perhaps you know my sister. Dee Turner, she is a member of the WINS and joined up with them for the summer in Boring. Loved your pictures.

  4. So building a trail was the way that guy didn't get bored, eh?

    No idea why they'd put guardrails up on that trail... ;c)

  5. My first boyfriend was Boring. Bobby Boring. He wasn't from Oregon. What were we saying?

  6. What a shame they named the town Boring ... it seems like it is anything but.


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