Monday, July 28, 2014

Seattle - Above and Below Ground

Getting to Seattle from Gig Harbor would be a long drive, but there's a better way to get there. First, we took the Foot Ferry from Port Orchard to Bremerton.

Then in Bremerton, we caught the big ferry, which also takes vehicles, over to Seattle.

At first, I couldn't figure out why the gulls were flying along side the ferry.

Oh - now I get it!

In return for the snacks, the gulls directed us to Seattle.

Our first stop was Pike Place Market, famous for the fish throwing that goes on there. Unfortunately, only when someone buys one, so I didn't get a photo.

But the market is full of seafood -

Produce -

And gorgeous flowers.

From there, some of us went on the Underground Tour. It's a hilarious tour, promising "Dirt, Corruption, Sewers, and Scandal."

We walked through a network of underground storefronts and sidewalks that were at street level before the Great Fire of 1889.

After the fire, the streets were elevated and rebuilt 12-30 feet higher, so the original street levels are now in the basement.

Our tour guide, on the right, was very humorous.

At some places, you could see the original street level windows -

And compare them to photos of the original buildings.

The guide told lots of good stories and interesting facts, but I was more interested in pictures, so sometimes I wasn't paying attention....

But he did emphasize the roll that the toilet (parts of which were invented by Thomas Crapper) had in the decision to raise the lower parts of the city.

Before the raising, the gravity-flush toilets had to be elevated so that they would flush correctly, and not back up at high tide.

It's a great tour, and I highly recommend it!


  1. OH MY so Crapper was a guys name I never knew...word origins are amazing eh? That does seem like a fun tour...I'd be setting those poor crabs free...snip snip
    The area where you are is the old stomps of my dearly departed friend I had intended to go visit but he passed suddenly and it was such a shock! I wanted his knowledge to guide me around and not miss a thing! So thanks to you and some other Wins this summer I'm getting a tour anyways! NOW i know what I have to see when I'm there and I know it will take a couple of summers not just one!!
    Cant wait to see what you show me next!!

  2. We're going to be spending a few days in Seattle in early November. We'll keep that one in mind, it looks interesting!

  3. My kind of tour. If only I didn't have to go to the big city to do it.

  4. We loved that tour,one of the best. I liked it so much I,d love to go again !!

  5. A good reason for raising the city if I ever heard one ;-)

  6. Sounds like a tour we will be taking in our future!

  7. Love this!! I did know about Mr. Crapper and it makes me laugh just type it. I think this is THE PERFECT way to get to Seattle and see it. Wish I'd been along. I'll definitely follow in your footsteps when I get there. Really great day!

  8. We just went on that tour for our second time over the years last month. It really is a great way to learn about the history of Seattle. And very funny as well. I just love Seattle. It's like a tiny San Francisco.

  9. I used to live in Bremerton. Of course I was 4 years old so I don't remember it.


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