Thursday, July 31, 2014

Climbing Mount Rainier

Well, maybe a wee bit... There's a great trail that starts out from the Visitor's Center, and goes up the mountain. In the past I've been able to go a mile or so before the trail was snow covered and I had to turn around. But this year has had record snowfall, so we'll see.

So far, so good. And we even have some nice company on the trail.

But the trails I have taken in the past are closed a short distance up the mountain, and we are diverted onto a side trail. And even that is snow covered in a lot of parts. We trudge on through the snow for maybe a half mile, and finally turn around.

There are a few flowers along the trail, but nothing like what I've seen in the past.

There are Western Anemones -

And Avalanche Lilies, which appear right after snow melt.

This is a photo from when I was here in 2006.

In addition to the deer, we saw a couple marmots.

I was too slow with my zoom, but Phil got a nice picture.

In spite of the snow, the hike was still a lot of fun. There were more adventures in our Mount Rainier day, and I'll cover them in the next post. But for now - THE END.


  1. We were just there a few weeks ago. Loved having 4g service at Sunrise Vista. We got up at 4:30 for an amazing sunrise.... Beautiful.

  2. That snow looks pretty good! I love the flowers, and the deer they didn't seem concerned with all the people around!

  3. Darn snow! Limiting your fun, for sure. And here I thought I'd see your pictures from the summit... ;c)

  4. I just did a THE END post too! Lovely flowers and I love marmots, whenever another blogger shows them or the adorable Pika I want to jump right in my car and head west.


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