Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Seniors Gone Wild!

Wickenburg, AZ is a fun town, and the center of town is only a block from where the Dance Rally was being held. Besides an old train that came to a permanent stop in front of a giant Saguaro -

There are numerous realistic statues. This lady is waiting for the train. It may be a long wait...

One night we had a dress-up dance with the "On the Road Again" band. Very fitting.

They also played the following night at our pajama dance. I wore my Tigger footie pj's.

And if the guys didn't ask me to dance, my little Tigger stepped right up!

In addition to the spaghetti feed the first night, we had a hot breakfast every morning. The participants were divided into 4 teams, and each team had 2 days to work, providing breakfast and doing other jobs.

And at our afternoon social, the team of the day provided snacks. No, we aren't going to starve!

One day we had our Tacky Fashion show. Ken (or Kendra) was a big hit.

And then we had our Talent/No Talent show.

Each team, and various individuals, provided entertainment, and everyone really loved the Burlesque show. (Those are their elbows, guys...)

In addition, we had over 20 hours of dance instruction from professional instructors. Whew! I need a rest!


  1. Yes I guess you do need a rest. Good thing you are doing a lot of dancing to work off all that food. Love your PJ's!!

  2. Way too much fun for a bunch of old people. If only the younger ones realized how much fun we do have.

  3. Dance Rally - haven't heard of that one. Looked like everyone was having fun. Have a great Thanksgiving!

  4. I guess the crowd you hang with didn't have to travel too far to go wild!!!

    Nice PJs. Tigger should feel honored. :c)

  5. You guys just have too much fun!! Love the fashion show LOL!!

  6. Looks like you had loads of fun. So, what dances did you learn?

  7. So disappointed I had to miss it. I'm so glad everyone posted pictures.


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