Sunday, November 24, 2013

Rusty Stuff Heaven!

We had a free day at the Dance Rally because the Community Center had been previously rented to another group. So a bunch of us went on a private tour of the Vulture Mine, just south of town.

WOW! I think I'm going to like this!

We had a great tour guide.

Henry Wickenburg, a prospector from Prussia (now Austria) found gold here in 1863, while retrieving a vulture he had shot.

Here you can see the veins that were dug. The mine produced $200 million in gold and silver until it was closed in 1942. But it is going to be reopened in a few months.

A lot of the buildings from the early mining are still sort of "standing."

Including the Assay Office.

But here's my very favorite thing - old rusty cars half buried. WOW!

Some of the remains looked to be in an impossible state.

The sign says, "From this Ironwood tree, 18 men were hung for highgrading or stealing gold ore. Please watch your step." Although the tour guide told us we could take any rock we wanted, so I loaded up my pocket.

We went in the mess hall/kitchen and it was still stocked.

Outside, someone left their booze. Hmmmmmmm... Wonder if I can take that?

More half-buried rusty cars -

And other rusty stuff, including a hoist. I took way too many pictures....

And finally found some "gold." Too big for my pocket though...


  1. You are one happy girl with all that rusty stuff around. Hope you had a good turnout and a lot of fun.

  2. You wouldn't wan that gold anyway. It's not rusty enough! :cD

  3. Oh dear, I don't get the rusty jokes. But I am amazed they are going to reopen a gold mine. I read that twice to make sure. A tourist attraction?? Looks like it is already doing that.

  4. Gre4at tour! I like rusty stuff as long as it is not mine!

  5. That is really an interesting place and I never heard of it.


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