Friday, November 1, 2013

A Gold Ninja and a Moustache?

While visiting my daughter, Corrie, and her family in San Diego, I'm staying at Santee Lakes campground - probably the most expensive place I've ever stayed. But it is beautiful, and close to where Corrie lives.

Santee Lakes is a string of lakes, run by the water authority. There are campsites along the lake, but I didn't score one of those.

Lots of mallards, coots and wood ducks live here too.

And cormorants, which are a little more shy.

Although my spot is not on the lake, it is REALLY nice - large and not lined up in a row with other RVs.

This is why I'm here - to celebrate my favorite holiday with my grandchildren. Jonathan is a Gold Ninja, and Mara wanted to be, of all things, a moustache! I made the moustache part of her costume, and Corrie found moustache earrings, socks, suspenders, and shirt, mostly on Amazon. (Who knew!)

Granddog Coco did not complain about having to haul a cowgirl around on her back.

Corrie went through a ton of candy. Some of my favorite visitors were the Monions from Despicable Me -

And this cute little pirate.


  1. So where's the picture of your costume? It is your favorite holiday, after all... ;c)

  2. Gotta say that is the first time I have ever seen a mustache costume. Too funny. It's so fun to see all the creative things kids can come up with.

  3. I'm with Donna - a mustache is really a unique idea. And you did a great job on it.

  4. Great costume!! I didnt know you liked to sew? I dont like to see RV's all lined up in rows either.

  5. Cute costumes - your grandkids are so cute!!

    I've stayed at Santee Lakes twice for a month each time. Yes, it is a great campground and the first place I've seen all the waterbirds there, except for ducks, of course. I agree, very expensive! Have fun!

  6. Last I heard, Tioga George was at Santee Lakes.

  7. Oh! I can't believe I missed him! I had stopped reading his blog, but I met him in person years ago - a very neat guy!

  8. It was always my favorite holiday too. Love the pictures of Mara and Jonathan and the other kids. I love how the kids are so creative now.


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