Friday, February 10, 2012

A Bar in the Middle of Nowhere

WAAAYYYY out in the middle of the desert, stands the Nellie E. Saloon, commonly called the Desert Bar. Only open on Saturday and Sunday, it is powered entirely by solar panels.

It is always packed the last two weekends of January while everyone is at Quartzsite. Parking is at a premium.

There is a church there with only one wall. Lots of weddings are held here, so I didn't get too close.

There are some old vehicles left over from the mining days.

Including a big rusty one! (I know the sign says "Do Not Touch," but I couldn't resist.)

The tall structures are cooling towers, which work similar to swamp coolers. When you wet the pads on top, cool air falls.

They serve food, but never ever any cheese. You can bring your own condiments, but they have recently added ketchup and mustard.

There is live entertainment, which must take up a good bit of their electricity.

One evening our WIN group went to the Somewhere Bar in Bouse. They open the bar just for us, and provide steaks and a grill where we burn our own.

It must be 5:00, because we're at Somewhere.

They even have a band for us, and WIN friend Millie sings a few songs.

And we all dance the night away.


  1. What a cool place! Never heard of it.

    There's also a bar in Nowhere, Arizona.

  2. Haven't been to Somewhere but sure do like Nellie's.

  3. FUN spots to chillax in and have some fun!!!
    DO yourself a huge favor and stay farrrrr away from that matrimony
    Great singing and dancing!!

  4. Oh my? They've added ketchup and mustard to the menu???

    That place is really going downhill!

  5. I guess a bar in nowhere would mean minimal police checks:)

  6. Wow... that sounds like a great place. So many places So little time!!

  7. Look like to me y'all had a great time.

  8. cool bar and now on my list when we head west...

  9. I went to the Desert Bar a few years ago (I have the T shirt!) -- never knew what the cooling towers were. Great write up!

  10. I also love the Desert Bar. It is a total trip and everyone should experience the fun that you have there.

  11. I love it! Yup, now it's on my list too. :)


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