Wednesday, February 1, 2012

At Quartzsite with a Few Others...

The end of January is when the big RV show is held in Quartzsite, AZ. Thousands of RVers gather in the desert for miles around. There were close to 150 WINs here.

Inside the tent, it is usually very crowded, but this photo was taken on the last day. That's when all the bargains are. More about the shopping in a future post.

The WINs gathered on Plumosa Road, about 7 miles from town. We have a get-together every day at 4:00.

Sometimes there is even entertainment! Here Arlene sings as my sister Barbara and "brother-in-law" Ron demonstrate the Cha-Cha. Not easy to do in sneakers on rocks in the desert, but they did a great job.

Who says there is no free lunch! There is here in Quartzsite at La Mesa RV. I kicked some tires, but didn't buy anything.

Then there was our annual Desert Golf Tournament. It's done with tennis balls, and you definitely don't need to be a golfer to play.

One thing I love about the desert is the beautiful sunsets...

And sunrises.

This one was a stunner. Once again, I'm probably the last blogger to post a picture of it.


  1. That photo of the last day in the big tent looks more my style - I'm looking forward to your post about the shopping. great photos - looks like the WINs had a great time.

  2. I guess with the sunrise and sunset photos, the dancing and the free lunches, you didn't get much sleep in Q! ;c)

  3. Quartzsite is a fun place to visit, best to leave your wallet at home.

    Stunning sunrise and sets out on the lower desert.

  4. Love your sunset photo. Never can have too many of them.

  5. Your mention of "desert golf" brought back memories. When I was a kid going to country school our schoolyard had lots of gopher holes which we kids had made bigger by pouring water down them to force the gophers out. Since we had all those holes we invented a "golf" game using softballs & baseball bats. Kept us occupied during every recess, noon hour and before school. I don't think kids nowadays get to do things like that.

  6. Barbara and Ron really know how to cut a rug that was fantastic!!
    Ohhhh I bet that tent had things in it Ive never even thought of---cant wait to see what you bought..super sunsets, n rises!!

  7. There is nothing quite like just having a few friends round!!! You all seem to have a famtastic time there.

    Great pictures.

  8. I'm soooooooooooo looking forward to next year in Q (ALREADY!!!) when the new knees will allow me to enjoy a bit of the town and do some visiting!

  9. OMIGOD,the sunsets and sunrises put ours to shame. Fantastic.

  10. I tell you the sunrise and sunset have been the best while hanging in QZ,AZ. It was amazing to see how many people come in just for the Big Tent events, then as quick as they they were gone. I had never seen so many RVs in one place before, so that will be a life memory. Which we could have meet while you were in Q Town :( Stay travels! 2withwanderlust (Deb)

  11. Great sunset and (gasp) sunrise pictures, to be sure. I still haven't finished with my Q posts, so you're ahead of me.


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