Friday, September 9, 2011

Show Me Show Low!

A lot of my single RV friends have bought lots here, midway between Show Low, AZ and Concho, AZ. I was really anxious to see it.

My friend Carol arranged for us to park on Walter's lot. We don't know Walter, but his lot was great. I don't think I've ever heard such "quiet."

Saturday was Jim's birthday party, which he hosted, providing hot dogs, and even a band! Of course we had to dance. (Thanks to John for the picture...)

Every day at 3:00 we had Happy Hour at Jon's place. I didn't get a picture of the group, but I did get a shot of Whitie and Brownie, his Alpacas. (Not their real names, but no one can remember their real names, because we're old...)

Brownie has the most beautiful eyes, but is in serious need of orthodontia...

One thing I have always wanted to see here is my friend Taylor's place. She decided she wanted to stay here permanently, so she had her Fifth Wheel completely enclosed. You can see the door to the trailer on the left side of the picture, and a little bit of the roof above it.

Of course, the project expanded, and now she has this beautiful room attached.

After visiting with friends, it was hard to move on, but on we went to nearby Petrified Forest National Park. There is a FREE RV park on the south end of the park.

I had been here years ago, but this southern end of the park seemed to be so much better than what I remembered. This is "Old Faithful," on the Giant Logs trail, the park's largest log.

Nice chair, huh? This is on the Crystal Forest trail.

The colors of the petrified logs are beautiful. 225 million years ago, the logs decayed and the wood tissue was replaced with silica, which then chrystallized into quartz.

And now for some "Shamelessly Cheesy Grandbaby Pics!" Recently, my granddaughter, Mara, and grandson, Jonathan, (oh yeah - and their parents) went on a cruise to Alaska. Here they are in front of Mendenhall Glacier in Juneau.

And all dressed up for "Formal Night" on the cruise ship.


  1. Hi Diana-

    What was your favorite part of petrified forest? We thought it was cool but would have liked more exploring (on our own) options...seemed like a lot of pullouts....

  2. Stylish white alpaca with a poofy hair-style ... that's a hoot. Cute grands ... they look like they were enjoying themselves ... even in their format attire.

  3. Beautiful in every photo but my favorite was the one in Show Low where you never heard such quiet. I could use a little of that from time to time. :)

  4. I have seen a number of RV's enclosed in building in upstate New York. It must take a long time to get ready to get under way in that mode:)

    Cute grand kids!

  5. GREAT post ~ Loved the photos... Your grands are adorable. Cute alpacas ~ they have the best eyes kinda like cows... Didn't know about the free campground at Petrified Forest. Tell me more about it!
    Have fun & Travel safe

  6. Lots of fun with friends at Show Low. Bet the weather wasn't too bad either. We stayed at the free campground when we were at the Petrified Forest. Loved that park. Those grands are the cutest ever. Can't believe they were able to get him in a suit. How fun.

  7. They are precious!!
    I didnt get to stop at the Pertrified Forest...Glad to know there is a Free RV park there for my next rip that way!
    Love the alpacas...What beautiful animals!!Show Low looks Like a good spot to stay!!

  8. Your grandchildren are beautiful and look so grownup in their evening finery.
    Adding petrified forest to my travel plans. Always love the rocks.

  9. Thanks for the post and the grand kids are beautiful.

  10. Who trims the Alpaca's hair? Not a job I'd want.

    Nice porch on your friend's 5th wheel, you're not getting any ideas, are you???

    You grandkids are adorable, loved the formal picture. Looks like a great time, even in a tux. :c)

  11. OMG! My grandniece and nephew are precious. Mara has grown into such a little lady, but I am kind of surprised that Jonathan agreed to the tux!

  12. FYI-Their names are Iggy and Horatio, but I don't remember which is which!! No wonder no one can remember their names! Sorry I wasn't home when you visited. ;)

  13. Loved the pics. I was in Petrified Forest back in 2004 and before that in 1991 with my kids. And yes, my son did abscond with several rocks from the park. And hey, I like the cheesy grandkid pics too.


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