Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Whew - Back Across the Mississippi

After visiting with relatives back East, we hustled back "West." I'm glad - I just don't like to be east of the Mississippi. Too many people!

I'm meeting up with the WIN group in St. Louis, and we are parking at Harrah's Casino. Looks like a fun place!

We all settled into their huge parking lot. We are here to start our summer journey, following the route of explorers Lewis and Clark.

In 1803, President Thomas Jefferson sent Lewis and Clark to lead the Corps of Discovery up the Missouri River to find a water route to the Pacific Ocean.

After spending the winter at Camp River Dubois, the expedition took off May 14, 1804, exactly 206 years before we arrived here.

On Saturday we went to the Camp River Dubois celebration of Departure Day. Since the weather was rainy, it was moved inside the museum. Inside the museum is a 55' full scale replica of the keelboat they used in their journey.

There were many demonstrators of early American crafts. This woman explained how the different colors of yarn were made. Some were dyed with bugs.

Some of the other artisans were coopers making barrels -

A basketmaker -

And a yarn spinner and broom maker.

Two little Yorkies helped the bare-footed spinner. It seems like every spinner I meet has bare feet.

When the rain stopped, the Detachment raised the flag inside the fort outside.


  1. I prefer driving in the West, but I love the East for the people, history, and just about everything.

  2. That sounds very exciting. Are you all going?

  3. Sorry to see you head west again. If you would have been at our house, you could have tried Terry's spinning wheel. He spins in stocking feet or slippers. BTW: He used KoolAid to dye some of his wool.

  4. Yes, Dave, we are going to loosely follow the Lewis and Clark trail, but not on the water. Should be a lot of fun and very interesting.

  5. Sounds like a fun summer. We have crossed the L/C trail several times in the past and will be heading that way again this summer.

    Perhaps are paths will cross.

    Safe trip.

  6. Love all the pictures, hope to see lots of our friends on the trip!

  7. OMG Diana I would LOVE an adventure like this. We have visited many of the Lewis & Clark areas but what fun you're going to have traveling it all... I can't wait to hear all of you stories. How long will this journey take for you all? We were at the end of there GREAT adventure this year... Wonderful history!!! We have had horrible internet service so I'll catch up when I can. Have fun & travel safe.

  8. Oh wow you are one lucky woman I wish you the best of luck on your new journey and I sure enjoyed your first part of it and can't wait to see the rest, that was so interesting about the yarn even being dyed with bugs, thanks so much for sharing!

  9. The journey goes through August. If anyone wants to see our schedule, go to www.rvsingles.org and click on Future Events. Any single RVers are welcome to join us!

  10. So I guess if it had been raining on May 14, 1804, Lewis and Clark would have waited inside until it stopped? Look how soft we've become.

  11. I am a big Lewis & Clark fan as well as an author to two historical novels on Lewis & Clark. I look forward to following your journey this summer!

  12. WOW what a fantastic Trip this will be I cant wait to read..IM currently in MESA, AZ visiting a friend and we are planning some tent camping The Saguaro are just starting to open its so beautiful a bit on the warm and toasty side but nothing like the humid south. HAPPY TRAVELS..the photo of Lewis & Clark makes them look like a couple of Dandy's not the hardy explorers they were!

  13. Thanks for sending me to this post...Fun!!!


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