Saturday, May 22, 2010

I Really Love Zoos!

And the St Louis Zoo is a great one. Besides that, it's free!

I was wondering how it could be free, since they obviously must pay these animals to pose. These two little penguins were so cooperative!

The flamingos were so colorful, I thought they must have fed them food coloring.

And look at this peacock, parading around just so everyone would take his picture.

Wow! About this time I was wishing I had brought a bigger camera. All I had was my little Canon SD940IS, but I was pleasantly surprised with the pictures I got.

Mama sea otter with her baby were very cute.

And in case you forgot how babies are made, the Drawf Mongooses were there to demonstrate.

The Great Hornbill is the ultimate parent. The female seals herself inside a hollow trunk with her chick for 4 months, depending on her man to feed her and her baby.

The Amur Leopard is critically endangered.

And this is the strangest thing I saw - a Giant Anteater about 3 feet high, who laps up 35,000 ants and termites a day! I wonder how the zoo gets them.

The aquarium seemed a little crowded.

My favorite thing was the Butterfly Pavilion. Wow! I could stay here all day taking pictures.

This is an Owl Butterfly. The giant "eye" helps protect it from predators.

They had helpful cheat sheets so you could identify the different kinds of butterflies. This guy was trying to figure out what he was.

They even had a Butterfly Nursery.

One very different thing that this zoo had was an opportunity to pet and feed the stingrays. You put a piece of fish in your palm and the stingrays slurped it up. One tried to slurp up my finger.


  1. As usual, awesome pics, Diana! I know how hard it is to photograph animals, especially butterflies! Thanks for sharing.

  2. WOW what Great photos and fun at the zoo... I love zoos too but have never been to that one. Looked like a really fun day!
    Have fun & travel safe

  3. I loved the pictures I would love to see that zoo, me and hubby just got back from our weekend trip and we ended with visiting the Asheboro Zoo here in NC, thanks for sharing! I absolutely loved the pic of the baby Otter and mama...too cute!

  4. you got some really awesome shots especially those butterflies...Im going to try to follow your Lewis n Clark trip blogs closely...I know its going to be tons of fun. Currently Im in Winslow will be in CO by Tuesday..then back down to Utah by Friday..FUN FUN FUN...
    Safe travels..

  5. Glad you made it to the Zoo. St. Louis does have a nice one. Being from St. Louis it was a rude awaking to find that other zoo's weren't free! Love your peacock shots.

  6. Gorgeous animal shots! The zoo must keep them up at night so they can pose for the tourists.

  7. Fabulous! Laughs and good pics. The Best! Thank you. I'll have to put St. Louis Zoo on my list. I just may be able to work 'free' into the budget :0)


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