Thursday, May 20, 2010

Lewis and Clark Heritage Days

On Sunday, we went to the other big Lewis and Clark celebration going on this weekend - Heritage Days in St. Charles. This is as far as Lewis and Clark got after their first day on the river. Not very far, but it was hard going upstream. I'm standing next to their dog, Seaman. Wow, that's one BIG dog!

Again there were artisans demonstrating early crafts and occupations.

But the big attraction was the Fife and Drum Corps parading down Main street. This is a delightful old town with a real brick street.

A short video of the Fife and Drum Corps. Don't miss the little drummer at the end.

He was just adorable, and kept drumming the entire parade.

There was also a school violin group -

And a demonstration of Morgan horses.

This one could bow by crossing his front legs.

And I think this one REALLY liked me!


  1. I hope you used your telephoto lens to get that last shot. I wouldn't want to get close to a horse showing teeth!

  2. That was one big dog no wonder they had no problems with the wild life.

    Great pic thanks.

    Dan (Bubbadan)

  3. You are right that was one big dog... ;-) Love the little drummer boy & the violins... Great photos Diana! Have fun & travel safe. This is one trip I'd love to be with you...


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