Monday, April 26, 2010

Zipping East

After the Dance Rally in Bandera, TX was over, we started out on a fast tour East to see relatives.

Since we were in a hurry, I had to be content taking pictures out the window. There were lots of pretty flowers along the road in Texas.

Several of these trucks loaded with egg-laying chickens passed us. I felt sorry for the poor things.

You can see the poor wind-blown things and their eggs, mostly broken.

The first night, we stayed at the Isle of Capri casino, right off the interstate in Lake Charles, LA.

The next day, we crossed the Mississippi River. I just dread this - I would much rather stay in the West!

Got a shot of some of the many paddlewheels on the river.

Well, maybe the East isn't so bad after all - the azaleas are in full bloom everywhere, and I realized I've missed them.

Took some shots driving through Atlanta.

Even this terrible shot of the Capitol!

Arriving in Durham, NC, I saw something really unusual - a True Value hardware store with a pharmacy! I thought maybe this was a new thing for True Value, but when I googled it, it appears this is the only one like it anywhere.

We're here to spend some time with Phil's mother, who lives in a very nice assisted living center. One night Phil brought in her request for a meal for her and all the relatives - Kentucky Fried Chicken, and strawberry shortcake.

From here, we're headed up to Richmond, VA for the NASCAR race, and some sightseeing.


  1. Y'all are sure moving fast. Just drive fast and watch out for the cop's.

    Kidding be safe and I am looking forward to lots more pic's.

    Dan (Bubbadan)

  2. Welcome to the South East!! Our azeleas are in full flower..and the weather is not too bad right now. Now you can see why I gave up eating and support meat/poultry production in this country...poor animals are treated worse than dirt..they put a cover over dirt when they truck it to keep the wind off it...I buy only free range eggs--and Im working on getting another flock of my own..the fox and owls took my last flock..THIS time I'm gonna be ready for them--- and maybe a couple of goats...We will see as time goes on what I can accomplish!! I heard the blue bonnests in Texas were the best for the past 50 yrs!!!
    Safe Travels--

  3. Texas to North Carolina in one blog posting - that has to be a record.

  4. I loved seeing those pictures, and when you were in Durham NC you were only like an hour and a half from where I live, that so funny Im glad you had a safe trip and I hope you all have a nice visit!

  5. I liked the "on the road" pictures and am looking forward to seeing all your new ones. Thanks.

  6. Nascar! I'm jealous. Root for Joey Lagano, the 20 year old rookie.


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