Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Down on the Farm

Each year, the Bandera TX All-Singles Dance Rally begins with a hayride down to the river, where Andy puts on a hot dog roast with entertainment.

We all dress up in our best farm clothes and relax along the river.

I had some overall shorts that were just perfect, along with a straw hat I was just about to throw away.

I thought Sandra's outfit was the funniest, with a skunk, rabbit, and raccoon, attached to her, along with a chicken on her back - Elly May Clampett and her critters.

All the farmers liked Carolyn and Pat.

Andy's a purist when it comes to cooking the dogs, and uses a stick to turn them.

Our entertainment was Kevin Fitzpatrick, a local cowboy who is a trick roping champion. His horse, Chief, is trained to stand motionless while Kevin goes through his routine.

One of his tricks involved roping and tying up Terri. Uh-oh, what's he up to?

He got out a bull whip and put a piece of spaghetti in her mouth, but in the end just tricked her into thinking he broke it off with the bull whip. However, he did the trick for real on himself.

Phil got into the show too, as Kevin did rolls over his shoulder.

We had a blast, and it was a great way to start the Rally!


  1. I believe it was Kevin I saw at the Flying L dude ranch in the 80's. He put on a nice show.

  2. HEY that guy is good with a rope!! and he has a great horse under him too. I like the farming duds---looks like another fun time!

  3. Wow what fun that looked like... I loved the cowboy rope tricks... Enjoy and have fun!!!
    Travel Safe

  4. Hee-haw. Y'all are having some fun now!

  5. It looks like a great time. The hot dogs look great. I think I have seen the cowboy at some of the local rodeos he is good and the horse but better.

    Dan (bubbadan)


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