Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Goodbye to the Dance Rally

The dance rally is over, but I wanted to show what we did in addition to the theme dances. We were all divided up into 5 teams, and each team took turns making breakfast, providing snacks and entertainment for the social hour, and cleaning up.

Each morning there was a hot breakfast for all 160 participants. It's quite a job, and Phil was in charge of getting all the food, doing the menus, and sometimes supervising the cooking.

There were dance lessons during the day by Betty and Troy - beginning in the morning and intermediate in the afternoon.

There was also time during the day to sightsee. I never did get to see the wildflowers in the Hill Country, but saw some locally. Also found a great piece of "rusty stuff" on sale for $1500. Wow! I like rusty stuff alot, but not that much.

Each afternoon we had a social hour under a gigantic live oak tree.

And each team provided snacks on its work days.

Ronnie played for us in the rally hall 5 of the evenings.

One day we had a Tacky Fashion Show, entitled "What Was I Thinking??" This is just some of the participants.

On Wednesday evening, we went back to the 11th Street Cowboy Bar in town for the "Burn Your Own."

And shared a table with Rellene, Tom, Nancy and Donna.

You can buy a plate of sides to go with your steak. Too bad I didn't think of taking a picture before I ate half of it!

The Lone Star Pickerz performed, and invited the women in our group to be their backup, and named them "The Irritations."

There were a few on the dance floor not with our group. Isn't this little guy just precious? A future lady killer in the works.


  1. Well Its great you guys are keeping dance alive and well in the USA!! What fun--safe travels.

  2. My dad would love that tractor, and oh my gosh the food looks delicious to me, Im craving me a steak now lol Thats quite a job to be in charge of that many people to make the food arrangements I dont think my nerves could handle that, looks like your having a ball and Im glad you take care!!

  3. I'm sure everybody appreciated all Phil's hard work. Do you know how many attendees were at the rally?

  4. Tacky! I vote for the lady in the blue dress. I think the tights and hiking shoes gave her the edge.


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