Saturday, January 30, 2010

Back to Yuma for Some Drugs

Whoops, I mean MEDICINES! Algodones Mexico, just across the border of the SE corner of California, and just a few miles from Yuma, AZ is THE place to buy them. And just a few feet across the border is the Purple Store, which I think has the best prices.

They also have a sense of humor!

Drugs weren't the only reason I came back to Yuma. Just off the road to Algodones is the pet cemetery where I buried Molly. This is just a small section of it.

I've been thinking hard on what to do for a grave marker, and this is what I came up with.

An artist I am not, but that's the best I could do.

When I put up pictures of Molly before, I didn't have a puppy picture, but I finally got one. If you missed the other pictures, you can see them here.

Up near the VFW where I'm staying is an 800-foot suspension bridge called the "Bridge to Nowhere," otherwise known as McPhaul Bridge. Built in 1928, it crosses the Gila River, which was a huge river before all the dams were built.

Normally, there is no water flowing underneath it, but with the rains we had lately, I wanted to see what it looked like. Sure enough, there was water!

Over 90 percent of the country's winter vegetables are grown in this area! Lettuce leads the way as the number one crop grown in the Yuma area.

But who will pick all the vegetables? Certainly not the mostly-retired population of Yuma. Enter the H-2A Guest Worker Program. These Mexicans are here legally as day workers. More information on the H-2A program can be seen here.

Picking vegetables is a very hard job, as you can see in this short video. Under the program, they must be paid the same as a US worker, if there were any who wanted to do it.


  1. I hadn't seen a picture of Molly as a puppy. So cute, but not nearly as beautiful as she was as an adult. Take that comment as a great compliment to Molly since you know that I am really a cat person. :-) But as dogs go, she was a winner. Your grave marker for Molly is very well done. You are more of an artist than you think.

  2. So true, Linda. In fact when I decided that I wanted to get a dog, I looked at all the breeds and decided I wanted a Westie because they were the only breed that was cuter grown up that they are as a puppy!

  3. You just put my life in perspective by posting to your blog. I was really upset today that I took Cali to the vet for an infected anal gland to the tune of $83.00. However, as much as she "isn't loved" by everyone (Uh, my previous WIN boyfriend) and can be a pain at times, she's "my girl." I love her bunches and don't know what I would ever do without her...

    Your marker for Molly is beautiful and I hope you aren't grieving too much for her.

  4. Diana, It was great meeting you at the WIN rally. I hope to see you again "down the road"...

    George P. Rivard

    PS: I'm so sorry for your loss of Molly-Bubba and I would have enjoyed meeting her.

  5. Hi, Diana. Thanks for your kind comments on my blog on the passing of our special kitty Luna. Then, when I read you blog today, I saw your adorable picture of Molly as a puppy. I remember reading your memorial post to Molly - I felt SO BAD for you. Little did I realize the pain would enter my own life so soon. What I wouldn't give to cuddle up with Luna on this foggy, cold Texas Hill Country morning!

    I loved your marker. I'm sure Molly led a love and fun filled life.

    Safe travels,

  6. Your artistry is wonderful. I hope the making of the marker eased some of the pain. I know it is a private thing...but many of us have been there.

  7. So sorry about molly and so happy you posted about the H-2A program. If it were not for the Mexican workers both legal and illegal, we Americans would not be living near as well as we do.

    They are involved in every aspect of our lives from working in the fields to butchering our beef, chicken and pork to loading and unloading the trucks and stocking shelves.
    Rojo the Gringo

  8. I think Molly would definitely approve!

  9. Little Molly was just so adorable and what a beautiful marker for her grave, I loved it!

  10. Wow! I didn't know you were so talented! That marker is precious, just like Molly.

  11. Your pictures of the lettuce pickers reminded me of the John Steinbeck novels. Did'nt he organise a strike amonst the lettuce pickers way back in the 30's?

    You'll always remember your pets as they have separate personalities.

  12. You did a wonderful job on Molly's marker..she was adorable both as a pup and an adult as I saw in your other photos!! You have done her proud with your memorial~
    I know that in time you are going to find a new companion maybe at a shelter, Best Friends in Kanab Utah have oddles of doggies that need a forever home~large, small, old & young, pretty & ugly but all in need of love!!
    The lettuce picker job looks like hard labor, so glad someone is ready, willing, and able to do it. Today I spent the day helping 2 plumbers dig up our yard looking for a leak in our 120 foot waterline!! Finally found the dang thing took us 2 hrs!! NOW I'm taking 2 pain killers and putting my feet up!!

  13. For supposedly not being an artist, you did a great job on the memorial marker. I am sorry for your loss.

    Your pictures are beautiful.

  14. Ohhhhhh........that pic of Molly as a puppy brought tears to my eyes.


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