Saturday, January 2, 2010

Yuma and New Years Resolutions

After the Slabs, I went back to Yuma. I've been here so many times, it feels a little like home. We always stay behind the VFW on a tiny piece of BLM land. Not only is it convenient to town, and free, but there is dancing every day at the VFW. It's an unusual open building, where we can dance and watch the trains go by at the same time.

I haven't seen my friend Sharon in quite a while, but she stopped by to see me and do some dancing. She has a great blog here.

I also ran into Mike while out looking at RVs. (Don't worry, I'm not buying, just like to look...) I had never met Mike before, but he recognized me from the blog. How cool is that?

On Christmas Day, we had a feast at the VFW. They provided the ham and everyone brought side dishes. The line was long, but there was ooodles of food.

After Christmas, I hurried over to San Diego to visit my daughter Corrie. My son Mark was visiting too, so I got to see both my kids at once. Don't worry, shamlessly cheesy grandbaby pictures will be in a future blog.

Now for New Years resolutions! I'll bet this is not what you were expecting. This is more a suggestion for everyone else, because I am already a big fan of Fiber One. I was always being told to eat more fiber, but I don't really like vegetables or whole grains. But I really like the Fiber One yogurt, bars, and muffins.

Another suggestion for a New Years resolution is to watch this video and adjust your RV water heater. It really works! It's not supposed to sound like a blow torch!

I hope everyone will have a happy and healthy year. I guess my New Years resolution is to put more useful information on the blog. I'm working on figuring out how much I spent this year, and will share it soon.


  1. That's interesting about the water heater. I (oh who am I kidding,) Ron will have to check that!

  2. I think your useful information is just fine girl I love looking at RVs also even if I cant get one lol cant wait to see the pics of the kiddies, yours kids favor alot and they look just like you :o)

  3. Hi Diana....Ive been dealing with PC problems and the battle is not won yet! I always enjoy reading your blog and I learn something new each visit!! I dont have an RV Someday when My Ship comes in I hope its a Winnebago! I love to eat roasted Pnuts in the shell for my fiber intake. Good idea to pass along tips I want to put in tid bits of useful info in my blogs, have to figure out what kind of tips I could pass on. Enjoy this first week of the New Yr- and be safe on your travels. You are becoming a celebrity in your own right

  4. www.pattruckerchewyandred.blogspot.comJanuary 3, 2010 at 7:16 PM

    Thanks for the handy hint on the water heater. Mine sounds like a jet plane about to take off. I'll have to check it out.

  5. Hi Diana, I always enjoy reading your blog! Wish I was there instead of here in COLD Texas! My New Years Resolution is to drop a few lbs. and try once again to read the Bible through. Happy New Years!

  6. Thanks for the RV water heater tip. I've been awaken many times by blow torch water heaters parked near me. I can barely hear mine.
    Happy New Year!!

  7. Great water heater tip. That's the kind of stuff I need. Great blog and I hope to see you in California soon.


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