Sunday, February 7, 2010

Yuma to AJ

On the way from Yuma to Apache Junction, a good place to stop is at the Gila Bend Elks. You don't have to be an Elk to stay here for a $5 donation.

But the main reason I'm here is that Phil is getting initiated into the Elks. There were 17 inductees, of which 16 were RVers. In addition to Phil, there were 3 other WINs, Claudia, Bill, and Trisha. Since I'm already an Elk, I got to watch the initiation. This was the celebration afterwards.

Just after we got to Apache Junction, Phil's cat Yellow died. Her sister Grey had died here last year, so we wanted to bury them together under the Superstition Mts. It was hard to find where Grey was, but we finally did.

Near AJ is a great flea market, the Mesa Marketplace. I love to shop but don't buy much. I liked this sweatshirt, but it's more of a guy thing.

And there were some cute signs.

This one raised some interesting questions. If you don't remember these things, are you too young or too old??? I know my memory is fading.

I got to visit my sister Barbara in Mesa and see the house she and Ron bought last year.

Phil took the opportunity to gather some oranges and grapefruit.

We all went out to Friday's for dinner, but the only picture I got was of the cheesecake dessert. Yummy!

Leaving town you could see the results of the big storms. This road was totally under water.


  1. Sorry to hear about your cat, Phil. At least your cats have a wonderful,
    final resting place.
    Congratulations on becoming an Elk.

    Enjoy your travels. We love your Blog Diana. Be sure to stop when you are in this way. We will BBQ on the back patio.

    Love 'ya

  2. Now I know I AM older than dirt! I remember them all, especially the skate key which I hung on a string around my neck!! I am sorry about Yellow. You guys are having a hard time of it right now. Comfort each other.

  3. I remember all of them... So I guess I am older then dirt for sure... How do 16 RVers get inducted into the Elks on the road? We are waiting to go back home next winter so our friend can get my husband in the Elks... Congrats to all!
    Have fun & travel safe
    Sorry about your friends cat...

  4. Wow, is there a "secret handshake" to go along with being an Elk? ;-) The thing about the Elks I recall with "he whom shall not be mentioned" is that you get your second drink at the bar gratis. That could be a good or bad thing considering!

    Sorry to hear about Phil's cat. When my first dog Mei-Mei was put down (due to kidney disease) I was outside of Knoxville visiting my brother and sister-in-law. All I have are pictures and a little "tuft" of fur that I took.

    I may see you and Phil sooner than you think - if you're at the dance rally...

  5. As usual you found more interesting things at the swap meet than I did. That is a lovely spot for Yellow and Grey. They both had a long life. By the way, why isn't his dog Shadow named Black?

  6. So sorry another pet has passed does look like a great resting place--thats an awesome sunset photo!!

  7. I bet Shadow is feeling a bit nervous these days.

    I'll miss you Yellow!!!

  8. I loved the picture with the sunset, so beautiful, so sorry about your friends kitty passing. That teenager sign made me laugh I loved it!! You have a good day!


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