Tuesday, January 12, 2010

FMCA Rally

The FMCA (Family Motor Coach Assn) had their annual Western Area Rally in Indio. Since it was on the way to Quartzsite, I decided to go, even though I don't have an "MC."

There were thousands of motor homes parked very tightly. My worst nightmare.

I stayed instead at the Spotlight 29 Casino for free, and went in on a day pass.

There were vendors in a large tent, a lot like Quartzsite. I think many of the vendors go to both places.

You could tour motor homes, which were marked "Not for sale." However, if you expressed an interest that could change rapidly.

Some of the vendors put on seminars. The one I liked the best was about Velcro. The vendor showed a picture of what your rig would look like if you didn't buy his product.

The theme of the rally was "Glorious Days of the Silver Screen." The different chapters put on a parade, and dressed up as the characters in various classic movies.

Here's Moses in "The Ten Commandments."

But by far, the most popular was "The Wizard of Oz." Here's one --

Two --

Three --

And four!


  1. I can't believe how many big motorhomes can be squeezed into a relatively small space! You wouldn't dare have an alcoholic beverage or two because you might never find your own MH!

  2. Great shots from the top of the stadium! I can't believe I was in that mess.

  3. wow that is sure alot of rvs in one place, I was amazed at that pic..I loved looking at the others, thanks for sharing :o)

  4. So that's where you were Barbara!

    Thanks for sharing Diana, can't wait to join you folks someday!

  5. Gee, and I'm trapped here by my job... Great photos!

  6. Ohhh that crowd gives me flashbacks of living in NYC quite a crowd! I think you were smart to find a less populated spot to stay...thats a great Sunset Photo!!! I'd take that old motor-home that needs a few updates..lol
    the Parade looks like fun!

  7. I hate the congestion, too! But, the shopping...I never tire of that!

  8. Great parade. Annie and I could be Dorothy and Toto.

  9. Diana,

    Wow that is the most RV's I have ever seen in one place. The Winter Olympics in Vancouver were expected to look like that too. However demand was a little lower than expected and now rates started to drop. Whistler RV Park still has some space for any adventurous RVer's want to make the journey across the US border.

    Keep Staying Green,

    J. McCartney


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