Friday, January 22, 2010

New Gadgets for RVers

Not finding many new items in the outdoor flea market area of Quartzsite, I was anxious to see what was in the RV show at the big tent.

You could tell this is a show for retirees. The only baby strollers in sight were filled with dogs!

One new item this year was this system to raise and lower your solar panels from inside your rig. About the cost of a new panel, I didn't see the advantage, especially since the panels may be shaded by the apparatus. A far easier and cheaper way may be my "brother-in-law's" invention here.

But I did find some new items in the tent. An easy way to charge a cell phone in an emergency.

A self-standing ladder that won't tip over.

A fake cigarette that looks, feels, and tastes like a real one.

A "Magic Mat" that holds items in place without any adhesive. (I actually bought this one!)

A tiny GPS to go on your keychain so you can find your car again in the grocery store parking lot. (I told you there were old people here...)

A tiny camera on a suction cup so you can easily hook up a trailer.

LED lights were here last year, but are much brighter now.

Luggage for your pets. (This one did not have a lot of interest.)

And last but not least.....


  1. LOL I love your commentary and pics. My son and I hope to be on the road someday soon so I'm living vicariously for now.

    That realistic fake cigarette I think has a good niche. Too bad I didn't see this before Christmas. I'd probably have bought them all for my family. =)

    How does the Magic Jack work?

  2. OMG. I meant Magic Mat not Magic Jack! LOL

  3. Those are some nifty items there, that ciggarette thing was interesting, I dont smoke anymore but I need to look that up just to see what its all about out of curiosity, the strollers with the doggys are cute, and I felt sorry for the man at the luggage for your pets booth, I think I would have definitely visited the deep fried booth lol, thanks for sharing!

  4. Hey Diana... Finally up to getting back on the computer... So I had a lot of reading to do to catch up with you... Great post and your grandkids are just adorable. I love rallies and vendors... you really get to see some great stuff and some NOT so great stuff!

    Have fun & travel safe

  5. It's funny, but when I was there last year I didn't see anything I couldn't live without. It's a lot of folks and a lot of stuff they sell. Hope you had a great time!

  6. wow all kinds of goodies in there...I like that cell phone charger simple!
    I could use that key chain at airport parking lots I always forget what lot Im in!!

  7. The Magic Mat looks great! I sure miss the shopping and finding all the new gadgets. Talk about impulse buying!!! Great pictues.

  8. Sure am glad SOMEONE took some good pics....LOL! I was too busy OOGLING things to think about that. Think it comes from having someone to talk to while looking.

    We did buy a few an HD TV dish for DirecTV. EEEK!

    Thanks for the memories, Diana!

  9. I see all the money I saved by not going to the Big Tent this year. = )

  10. Appreciated the quick tour as we missed the Big Tent this year. We are stopping by this week to get a flagpole, I assume the outdoor vendors will still be around??



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