Thursday, December 17, 2009

A Little More on the Slabs

Although parts of the Slabs do look like this, most of it is fairly clean. It seems to have gotten even better in recent years.

Several groups, like the LoWs have nice facilities that are spotless. They were very friendly and invited us WINs to join them several times while we were there.

This is the home of Linda, the unofficial "mayor" of the Slabs. She puts out a newsletter and has a radio program each day.

The residents are really friendly, albeit a little eccentric. Lizzie invited us all to her birthday party, but unfortunately it wasn't until February.

There are all kinds of vehicles at the Slabs.

And most of them have solar panels, since there are no electrical hookups here. Solar Mike at The Sun Works takes care of everyone's needs.

The Slabs has some unusual amenities. Check out this Olympic size swimming pool, left over from the days it was a military base. Well, maybe some water would help....

But wait, here's a natural hot spring. The water drains from here into "The Hole," a natural shower.

Most evenings there is free entertainment at "The Range," an outdoor stage. This was also shown in the movie, "Into the Wild."

There's a beautiful pet cemetery. I recognized 3 of the pet names: Cody, Mina, and Thor were beloved pets of WIN members.

One truly amazing amenity is the library. It is open all the time, and you are free to take a book if you need a book, or leave a book if you have an extra book. No strings attached.

Begun by Peggy Sadlic, who passed away 9 years ago, it is carried on by her significant other, shown here straigtening out the shelves.

It even has "Inernut Access!"


  1. WOW..what an amazing place, I think society as a whole could learn a thing or two from the way life is lived at the slabs!!

  2. Thanks for mentioning Cody. Memories of him still make me cry! He was indeed CHERISHED.

  3. Just fabulous information on that place to me, thanks for sharing more about it, it is so neat how those people really have their own little world there, I just loved the library!!

  4. I wonder how they load and unload the boat on the bus!!!

  5. It looks a really onteresting places. What impresses me is the ingenuity, skill and craftsmanship of people, which is often stifled in a conventional lifestyle. Have a super Christmas. Dave

  6. I cruised through last Saturday but I couldn't find you. = (

  7. Wow Diane that was not only fun but interesting too... LOVED the photos and it looks like a place I would love to visit. Have FUN (I know you will) ☺☺☺
    Travel Safe

  8. The Library is a treaasure...that some person maintains, encourages, and develops a quiet public space for "mind" in that out-of-the-way place, bodes well for the human race.
    It reminds me of the seed repositories secreted here and there around the world.


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