Friday, December 4, 2009

Galleta Meadows

Spanning the whole length of Borrego Springs, CA is a huge miles-long private park called Galleta Meadows Estates. The land owner envisioned the idea of adding "free standing art" to his property with original steel welded sculptures created by artist/welder Ricardo Breceda. He wanted to public to have access to the park, and even allows 3 days free camping!

Most of the sculptures represent prehistoric creatures. These creatures are Gomphotherium, an ancestor to the elephant.

Some of the sculptures are so well balanced, it's hard to figure out how they stay upright.

Phil's dog, Shadow, ran up to the animals and wanted to be friends, until she realized how big they were. This giant turtle even looks scary to me!

I loved all the details - the eyelashes were beautiful.

One of the exceptions to the prehistoric creature theme is this stature of a friar, Father Francisco Garces, an early Spanish Franciscan missionary who explored much of the Southwestern part of North America.

Again, the detail was really interesting.

The giant sloths were covered by metal "hair."

The mother and baby sloth were especially nice.

Until I got too close!

I did notice one change on this mammoth since last year. He seems to have been castrated!

He was fully equipped in my picture from last year.


  1. Really interesting park I think the turtle was my favourite. Maybe the mammoth was misbehaving and so drastic action was needed?

  2. Loved the closeups! Is Dave recommending drastic action for misbehaving males? ;)

  3. Cool, and as always, you even got the story. How did Shadow like the friar's dog?

  4. I didn't know that was there. I have to get out more!!

  5. Now that is just the neatest place and wow on the people who went through the hard work to put all that together. Thanks for the pics!!

  6. Wow Diane what a great place to visit... I have never heard of that but it is a place I will be sure to go to sometime in the near future... Thanks for the great photos and commentary... Have FUN & Travel Safe!

  7. Your pictures are always the best. I really enjoy following along on your adventures.


  8. Awesome - it reminds me of Burning Man.

    We will definitely check this place out next time we nomad out that way.


    - Chris //

  9. Very neat ... thanks for posting about it again; now I can pin it for future reference.


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