Sunday, July 19, 2009

Omaha's Zoo

I love zoos, especially playing with my new Canon PowerShot SX110is, but have become a little choosy on which ones to visit so as not to OD on them. Omaha's Henry Doorly Zoo is well worth it. I wasn't all that close to this zebra, and you can see how sharp the camera is even when zoomed a lot.

The outside exhibits are nice, but the indoor ones are fantastic. The Butterfly Pavilion makes for some easy photography.

Next was the aquarium, worth the price of admission all by itself. First there is a cool (or maybe cold) penguin exhibit. This little guy is trying out for the movie "Happy Feet."

Next, a glass tunnel offers underwater views of sharks and other ocean dwellers.

Another exhibit had lots of cool jellyfish.

And yet another one for seahorses. This is a Leafy Sea Dragon, camouflaged to look like a piece of floating seaweed.

Gorilla Valley offers places for you to watch the gorillas, and others for them to watch you. It must have been siesta time.

I couldn't get over their hands.

The cat complex has all the usual big cats, and some unusual ones as well.

There's an indoor jungle with big waterfalls and lots of monkeys and parrots. There's also a building containing one of the world's largest deserts. Lots to see, and an IMAX movie theater besides.

Out of town, the zoo has a drive-through Wildlife Safari. Not as good as the zoo, but still worth the $5 admission. The buffalo are kind of hidden by the tall grass.

They had lots of big boy elk, but I didn't see any females. Guess they don't want any competition.


  1. I had a hard time choosing my favorite picture. It was a tie...the Leafy Sea Dragon and the gorilla hand. Great pictures!

  2. The gorilla hand looks even better enlarged. It is fascinating and not something I would have noticed until now.

  3. Enjoyed the geometry of black and white stripes in the top, zebra, photo.

  4. I liked the Zebra picture. I see how the stripes would confuse it's prey.

  5. I vote for the zebra - that's fantastic!

  6. I've been to that zoo also and found it as fascinating as you did. I love the pics. Is that the same camera as Max and I have? What shots!


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