Saturday, July 4, 2009

The Nation's Capital, Part 2

Another new memorial in Washington is the Franklin Delano Roosevelt Memorial. Located along the Cherry Tree Walk on the western edge of the Tidal Basin, it's spread over 7 1/2 acres.

There are several waterfalls, and 10 bronze sculptures that depict scenes from his 12 years of presidency and the Great Depression, such as this one showing a bread line.

My favorite was this one of Roosevelt and his Scotty dog, Fala.

Continuing around the Tidal Basin you come to the Jefferson Memorial, built in the 1940s.

The interior has a 19' tall bronze statue of our 3rd president, along with engravings of passages from Jefferson's writings.

In order to get a tour of the White House, you have to arrange it ahead of time with your congressman. I don't even know where I live, let alone who my congressman is! It looks pretty peaceful from this direction.

But the view the other way shows the loud protestors.

I'm not big on museums, but I really like the dinosaurs in the Museum of Natural History.

This woolly mammoth could use some dental work.

The Hope Diamond is a deep blue 45-carat diamond that is supposedly cursed. It has quite a history, dating back to the mid 1600s.

I walked by the Capitol, but did not have a tour. I did go through it here when I visited last September.


  1. Is that really the Hope Diamond? Was that in the Museum of Natural History?

  2. Yes it is, and yes it was. I guess I should have been clearer.

  3. We toured the White House a year or two ago and the tour is a lot shorter than it had been in earlier years. Very disappointing.

  4. Hum..."I don't know where I live." You've got a lot of friends in the same situation!

  5. I liked the statue of Fala. And the protestors, though I'm not sure what they were protesting. I protested there once. = )

  6. Loved reading about your time in D.C. We were there in 2004 and saw all these amazing memorials, museums, etc. It is a trip I won't ever forget. Thanks for sharing!


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